Stop Grow Review

Please Tell Me… What is Stop Grow?

It is a product specifically designed to only use safe ingredients to ensure maximum results as a hair removal cream. The ingredients is scientifically vetted through clinical studies to ensure that they actually work, and that they are effective. You can see the studies for yourself at their homepage, if you Click Here and take a look.

The ingredients acts as natural hair growth inhibitors, and they remove unwanted hair, and also stops the hairs from growing out thicker and stronger next time, as can be a problem with other hair removal techniques and products. It it also easy and pain free, and everyone removing hairs knows that is a huge bonus! It is a great product if you want certain areas of your body to be smooth and hair free. There is two different creams; one for women, and one for men. The studies done by the inventors showed that the best results for each gender was achieved by different compositions because of differing skin characteristics, so make sure you keep that in mind when ordering.

It inhibits hair growth by directly targeting the roots, instead of the hairs, to prevent further growth. The result is that the hairs become lighter and thinner.

What is Stop Grow Good for?

Well, these are the Manufacturers claims:

  1.  It will interrupt the anagen phase of body hair growth
  2.  Thinning out the existing growth
  3.  Make it less necessary to wax and/or shave
  4.  Reducing the length of body hair
  5.  Clinically proven results
  6.  Scientifically proven ingredients
  7.  Results last for a long time
  8.  Use it on any part of your body, face, arms, legs, back, or private parts

What are the Stop Grow Ingredients?

This is some of the more important and active ingredients;

  • Decelerine
  • PilisoftTM LS 7590
  • Telocapil

Decelerine – In a clinical study, it reduced frequency of shaving or depilation in female legs (by 82%), groin (by 70%), and armpit (by 50%).

PilisoftTM LS 7590 – Delivers anti-hair growth effect in clinical test. Body hair follicles were inhibited by 69%.

Telocapil – Reduces body hair in 93% of participants in one study (shown on website linked to at bottom of this page). In the same study, hirsuteness was reduced by 60%, the anagen/telogen ratio was reduced by 59%, and the thickness of body hair was reduced by almost 30%.

It does not smell bad, or have that sulphurous odour some of the other hair inhibitor creams can have, so it is no problem to use this product during the day. Personally, I think this cream is great for using on private parts, and not only does it inhibit growth, and make the hairs lighter in color, they will also be thinner and easier to shave. If I need to take a break from shaving my private parts for a trip or something, I use this cream, so that the hairs growing out again won’t be thick, which can be a problem once you have started shaving down there.

It is only available online, and remember to chose the right one, for men or the one for women – you can chose the right one after Clicking Here.