The Anguish & Torment of Hair Loss

When you’re suffering from hair loss, not only are you losing hair, but you are also suffering from the psychological torment. This is usually the reason why people want to stop losing hair, because of the psychological effects, such as lower self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. This was definitely the case with me.

me losing my hair
My reaction upon realizing I was losing my hair

Both my dad and grandfather didn’t start losing their hair until their 40s. There were some hair loss on my mother side though, but nothing bad. Her hair is not thinning at all, although two of my uncles have a bit thinning hair. What helped me most in the beginning, was finding a good hairdresser who could help me find a good hairstyle to cover up my thinning hair.

Shaving my whole head was definitely something that I was not willing to even consider. I know, I know, everyone says to just shave your head, and that bald men appear more virile. My head just looks weird if I were to be bald. It’s oddly shaped, so no thanks!


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